Friday, March 8, 2013

NYC Notebook: Black + White @ The Armory Show

Some of my favorite pieces at The Armory Show were definitely putting me in a black and white state of mind.  I recently rediscovered this amazing Antwerp home of the Belgium architect, Vincents Van Duysen's. It was shot by the ever so lovely and talented Ditte Isager for Vogue Living a couple years ago.

Sol LeWitt  Postcard Drawing,  2002

Susan Hefuna Japan/Untitled, 2012
william wegman reward poster, 1983

What I love about the mix of this home is the element of pure, raw forms against the stark black and white palette. The amazing artwork and hand-thrown ceramic lamp bring warmth and personality to what could have been a cold environment.  In that same way I love these three pieces of art from the Armory Show. I am always a sucker for an artist's sketchbook.
Who wouldn't want a thank you note like that from Sol LeWitt? 
Three more days left of the show. RUN! (or ski)

The Armory Show
Pier 92 + 94
Thursday, March 7th - Sunday, March 10th
12:00 noon to 7:00 pm

Gallery notes:
Sol LeWit + William Wegman @ Pier 92 / Booth 446
Amy Wolf Fine Art / Elrick-Manly Fine Art

Susan Hefuna @ Pier 94 / Booth 808
Rhona Hoffman Gallery

More about Van Duysen in a recent interview in the D pages.

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