Friday, June 7, 2013

Floating Farmhouse

Since the season is well under way, and our Fire Island house isn't quite yet finished, I am left to dream about and covet (aka stalk) other's idyllic summer homes till then. I stumbled on this upstate New York beauty tonight while researching one of our last details to purchase, the sliding barn door hardware for the new bathroom.

" I wanted to create a tension between polished and raw, primitive and industrial, sophisticated and simple" - Tom Givone 

22' high glazed curtain wall
Polished concrete floors + minimalist cabinets contrast a vintage farm sink
19th century wood soaking tub wrapped in stainless steal
1700's Italian marble sink relies on concealed angle supports

I love the owner, Tom Givone's mission to explore "the contrast between historic and modern and play these extreme elements against one another." It is one that I am trying to channel in our house.  The Floating Farmhouse is also available to rent, (now there is a fall-back plan)!

Read more about Tom's story and the great mix of materials here and at Remodelista


  1. Love this, and astonished to see it's in the very town where I live!!

  2. Hello gluttonforlife!
    I am sure it is even more beautiful in reality. let me know