Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Treehotel: Recline in Pine

 We are packing our bags for a road trip up to Maine to look at colleges with our daughter and wishing we could find little cabins in the woods like these. A night in a Swedish forest, nestled under the stars amongst 140 year-old-pine trees? A little bit of heaven on earth.

I just saw this article and remembered the Swedish eco-hotel from a presentation by Li Edelkoort's / Trend Union a while ago. It still inspires. Read more from NOWNESS below

'Sweden’s dense boreal forest has a new addition to its mass of 140-year-old pines: seven beautifully incongruous structures that constitute Treehotel, an innovative project conceived by husband and wife team Britta Jonsson-Lindvall and Kent Lindvall. Treehotel was inspired by Swedish indie director Jonas Selberg Augustsén’s 2008 eco-documentaryTrädälskaren (The Tree Lover), which follows a group of friends who break free from their mundane jobs and take to the woods, building their own treehouse home. The Lindvalls’ forest dwellings are far from textbook in style—you'd be forgiven for mistaking "The Mirror Cube," for example, for a minor work of conceptual art—and have been created by some of Sweden’s most cutting-edge architects, including Bertil Harström (winner of the Excellent Swedish Design Award) and Tham & Videgård (the firm behind the Kalmar Museum of Art). The seven room-size dwellings also include “The Bird’s Nest,” a circular pod covered in twisted branches, and “The Blue Cone,” a miniaturized house with a pitched roof that appears to be built entirely of Lego. Each house is powered by sustainable electricity and is attached to its respective tree via a metal clamp (adjustable to fit the tree as it continues to grow) rather than with screws and nails. To document these serene perches, NOWNESS asked photographer Elizabeth Toll to venture into the forest.'

I am sure our little escape will be heavenly as well as I've found a great old hotel right on the shore, with weekend plans for lots of hikes, naps and reading by the fire. Do you remember how stressful senior fall was? Hoping to give her a little respite from it all before her interviews. 

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