Friday, February 28, 2014

Designers at Home: Tom Scheerer

Writing about my friend Melanio's  home yesterday inspired me to think about how other designers live. It's a particularly interesting peek behind the curtain when you see an interior designer's own home. So I started browsing through one of my favorites, Tom Scheerer's Grammercy Park apartment.

Tom has "cultivated a more restrained brand of chic" and I particularly love how his rooms are understated, relaxed and so cozy. Poring over his recent book, Tom Scheerer Decorates, I feel like someone just got up to make cocktails and left the room with the music still playing. They feel more collected than decorated and well loved and lived in.

A successful relationship between an interior designer and their client is one of a great collaboration. In the best of circumstances, the client hired their designer for his/her aesthetic style and the designer listened well to their client so that their individual personality came through. While Tom's work always seems to reflect that delicate balance I do love seeing his simple and elegant style without the filter of a client's requests. Once again, it's always nice when the good guys are successful.   More of Tom's beautiful work here

All photography by Pieter Estersohn

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