Saturday, March 8, 2014

Louise Bourgeois : Inspiring Art & Textiles

I am off to the Armory Show at long last. Excited to see the work by many of my favorites, amongst them Louise Bourgeois. Many think of her for her amazing sculpture and paintings but few are as familiar with her textile work. She had an inspiring show a few years ago at Chiem Read  that really made me think about her work differently. 

Some of these are almost reminiscent of African textiles and Gee's Bend Quilts while others have a distinctly different reoccurring theme. 

More about Louise Bourgeois from Artsy:

"Beginning her artistic practice in her native Paris, Louise Bourgeois was originally associated with Surrealism due to her integration of fantastic elements into her prints and sculptures. Upon moving to New York in 1938, Bourgeois focused primarily on sculpture, crafting biomorphic forms that curator Lucy Lippard has described as enacting the physicality of the body as experienced from within. Bourgeois’s suggestive organ-like contours and early use of unconventional materials (like resin, latex, and cloth) allude to a tension between quintessentially male and female forms. This recurrent interrogation of the male/female dialectic aligns Bourgeois with the Feminist movement, but her work has also been examined through the lens of Abstract Expressionism, as she exhibited with artists such as Robert Motherwell, Jackson Pollock, and Mark Rothko."

I can't decide if I am more inspired by her work or her life and fabulous sense of style. It's all great! Enjoy and don't forget to download your Artsy app here before heading off to the shows.      

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