Friday, March 29, 2013

Craving Green... and a Little Taste of Spring

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" 'Country’ is an idea – a texture, a flavour, a state of mind. Close your eyes, and imagine the English countryside. What do you see or hear, smell, feel or taste? It might be a sweep of beautiful landscape or the warmth of a roaring pub fire; perhaps a porch filled with dripping coats and muddy wellingtons, the scent of ripe apples and freshly baked bread, or the hum of bees in a sleepy kitchen garden." - Jasper Conran  Country
Jasper Conran, Country
shot by Andrew Montgomery

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Peter Hatch, A Rich Spot of Earth,
Thomas Jeffereson's Monticello
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snow drops @ gardenista

thankfully I am off to the country to spend Easter with my family
and hopefully get a little dose of green.

Have a happy one!

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