Sunday, March 10, 2013

NYC Notebook: Does Art Imitate Life?

Or does life imitate art? You decide. I'm having a leisurely morning, catching up on my stack of new magazines and resting up before our last spin through the art shows this afternoon. All the amazing pieces of art that I have seen over the past few days are still spinning through my head and I keep coming back to the simple, stark beauty of black and white.

Joel Shapiro JS-12, 1981

Then lo and behold, the new LONNY just arrived in my mailbox. GORGEOUS is all I can say, it does not disappoint!  Editor-in-Chief, Michelle Adams and Lead Photographer, Patrick Cline continue to refine their vision and every issue is better than the last. I really think that they have found their stride, though one could argue that they had it from the beginning.

new jo malone headquarters by rose uniacke 

New Jo Malone headquarters by Rose Uniacke

Franz Kline New York, NY, 1953

Le Royal Monceau by Philippe Starck

Bridget Riley Blaze 4, 1964 

 Le Royal Monceau by Philippe Starck

Richard Serra Witness,  2001

Michelle Adam's new apt

Cy Twombly Poems to the Sea i-vi

Lisa Sherry's home

 You decide the age old question of art.v life or life v. art, I'm off to the shows!

I leave you with the brilliant words of Jen Bekman, "Live with art. It's good for you."


  1. thinking of refreshing my little cabin and very taken with this b-&-w aesthetic...thanks for the inspiration!

    1. Thank you gluttonforlife. I am a big fan of your blog, and thank YOU for your inspiration.